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Premier League issues Invitations to Tender for UK rights
The Premier League has made available to interested parties two separate Invitations to Tender for its UK live and free-to-air highlights rights for the three seasons 2019/20–2021/22.

These documents describe the packages of rights the Premier League is now inviting bids for:

- Live audio-visual rights to a total of 200 matches per season – split into seven packages.
- A Free-to-Air highlights package.

The Live rights consist of five packages of 32 matches and two packages of 20 matches per season.

No single buyer will be allowed to acquire more than 148 matches per season.

The packages include provisions for all matches in three midweek rounds per season, and one Bank Holiday round per season, to be broadcast live.

One package includes the rights to broadcast live a maximum of eight matches per season on Saturdays at 19:45.

This creates an attractive offering for broadcasters and fans, while allowing the continued protection of the Saturday 15:00 "closed period" – the purpose of which is to encourage attendances and participation at all levels of the sport at the traditional time at which English football takes place across the country.

The Premier League intends at a later date to conduct a separate sales process for a single Near-Live package encompassing:

- Near-live long-form rights to 180 non-live matches per season, for linear and on-demand exploitation.
- Internet clips rights to all 380 matches per season.
- The Live packages will be available for exploitation on a technology-neutral basis.
Let the bidding begin!

I wonder if we will have a newcomer to the table as Facebook, Amazon and beIN Sports have all been rumoured to considering bids
Sky & BT seems the likely outcome

What price both will pay will be interesting to see, Surely the cost has now peaked, companies cannot keep paying over the odds for a good league (not the best)
The time has come for the Premier League to have a Premier League pass app like the NFL in America

This 3pm blackout is nonsense now!
Article from the Telegraph sounds like the bidding may not be as high as in previous years. Could be a higher total given there are are more matches, but I am going to predict it will be less per match than the previous deal. I think BT will bid less than last time, and Sky will expect that so they will too. I'm not currently an Amazon subscriber so from a selfish point of view I hope they don't get any rights, but obviously those who do have Amazon may feel differently.
(04-01-2018, 10:57 PM)Gooner Wrote:

Would fans be happy to sign up to Amazon Prime to watch the Premier League?
Match of the Day will show Premier League highlights until at least the 2021-22 season after renewing its contract for a further three years.

The deal also includes Match of the Day 2, Football Focus and The Premier League Show.

MOTD and MOTD2 attract a combined audience of more than seven million each weekend.

Barbara Slater, director of BBC Sport, said the deal highlights the show's "continued success and popularity".

Now presented by former England captain Gary Lineker, Match of the Day was first broadcast on BBC Two in 1964.

Charlotte Moore, director of BBC Content, said: "To secure the Premier League highlights for another three years is fantastic news for football fans all over the UK and ensures the BBC remains the free-to-air home with the iconic Match of the Day at the heart of all the action."

Last season, the BBC's Premier League football programming was watched by 37 million people, and there were a further 40 million requests for these shows on BBC iPlayer.

Earlier this month, the BBC and the Premier League started a campaign called Super Movers to help primary school teachers encourage children to become more active.

"Our longstanding partnership with the Premier League continues to flourish and evolve as seen with the recently launched Super Movers initiative," Slater added.

"The new deal strengthens that relationship even further and ensures the nation's favourite sport will continue to be seen by the widest possible audience."
The latest multi-million pound Premier League football TV rights deal is due to be decided on Friday.

Though the results will only be officially released next week, the first deadline for bids to be entered is 9 February - with the league seeking an increase on the current £5.14bn domestic television deal which runs until 2019.

Interested bidders, such as existing broadcasters Sky and BT, have had the new tender document since December, with 200 live games out of 380 matches a season up for grabs.

That's up from 168 live matches in the current cycle.

Other changes for the new 2019-2022 deal include eight individual games shown live in a 'prime-time' Saturday night slot, three complete rounds of 10 midweek matches all shown live and one set of Bank Holiday games.
Bids to be submitted by today

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